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Reporting Dashboards


  • Why worry about what specific reports a customer needs? Instead provide them with some basic tools to be able to view/print/export as PDF the data in a way that speaks to their sensibilities. I propose an expansion of Envision's Dashboard:


  • As a user, I need to be able to create and switch between more than one dashboard. So that I can visualize data available in widgets in different contexts.

  • As a user, I need the dashboards to be 4 instead of three columns wide and I would like to be able to have widgets that use 1, 2, or 4 columns of width - perhaps extending the amount of data that is displayed for each widget in meaningful ways?

  • As a user, I need a print/export control that will allow me to export my dashboard view to a printer or PDF

  • As a user, I need a Key Performance Indicator Widget. When 1 column it should just display a summary, when 4 columns it could display the summary and breakdown details

  • As a user, I need a Critical Success Factor widget. When 1 column it should display just a summary, when 4 columns it could display the summary, and a view of contributing plan elements including their health

  • As a user, I need a 4 column wide filterable grid view. This grid view should return a list of Plan elements and related attributes. It should be sort-able and perhaps give me controls to perform quick actions like adding a progress note or updating a status.

    • Example Filter results

      • A cross departmental view of Plan elements assigned to individuals on my team (could drive a departmental meeting)

      • A grid view of all tactics and action items under a selected objective

      • Could be lots of uses we cannot foresee as long as we provide a reasonable list of logical filters.

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  • Mar 14 2019
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    3 May, 2019 01:14pm

    I vote for the part of this feedback that asks for a widget for the CSFs and their health status.