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KPI's that drive Objective health


  • It is desirable that an objective (or other plan element that can be tied to a KPI) should be able to have it's health driven by the health of one or more KPIs. It's also desirable to be able to factor in manually entered metrics along with the input from the related KPIs and weight the various metrics to derive a properly weighted health metric as a result.


  • As a User, I need to be able to roll the health of several KPIs into the health of their associated Plan Element and have the health of the associated element calculated dynamically.

  • As a User, I need to be able to provide a relative weight to each KPI that I am associating with a Plan Element. This weight should factor into the resultant health accordingly.

  • As a User, I need to be able to provide an integer value manually that can positively or negatively factor into the Plan Element's health along with the influence of the related KPIs.

  • As a User, I need to be able to determine whether my KPI's health contributes directly to the top level Strategic Plan health or directly to an assigned parent (such as an Objective)


  • Plan Elements for which KPIs can be associated will require an interface that can be used to determine what KPIs are associated as well as their Relative Weights, and whether the user wants to enter a subjective integer health.

  • There will be some architectural changes to the Database schema, API, and Interface layers to accommodate this change

  • There will likely be some data manipulation necessary to assure compatibility of pre-existing strategic plans.

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  • Mar 14 2019
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