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Dock breadcrumb navigation bar


  • Breadcrumb navigation bar scrolls out of view on long pages. That means the user has to scroll up each time they want to use it. Suggest docking the navigation bar directly under the application header bar, so it stays visible even during vertical page scroll. A good example of this is on the Strategy Overview page.


  • As a User, I need the breadcrumb navigation to be docked when I scroll down. So that I can quickly navigate to another entity or level of the strategic plan.

Suggestion for consideration:

  • Docking both the header and breadcrumbs would mean losing 120px from the vertical view area. The smallest supported screen resolution is 1024x768. including the browser header, footer, task bar.. there isn't going to be much vertical view area left. This has a negative impact on user experience.

  • In order to balance the impact on user experience I suggest we dock the navi and breadcrumbs like suggested, but that we shrink them when the user scrolls down. This could be easily accommodated with a few changes to the CSS and could satisfy the request while minimizing any impact on user experience. I've rendered what it could look like for comparison in this screen capture:

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  • Mar 20 2019
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