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Clean Up Email Formatting

  • Purpose of the Email Signature

    • Remove?

    • Maybe a formal "footer" containing "like/watcher" control and link to notification settings

      • Out of Scope for this idea

  • Outlook Desktop

    • header image doesn't display properly

  • Breadcrumb Display

    • Digest: Entire breadcrumb trail displaying at the beginning of each update is not a clean look

      • move to end of each update? 

      • still display entire trail?  better way to visually display the location of the entity in relation to the plan structure?

      • On notifications the breadcrumb has a hyperlink to the Strategic Plan Overview and direct to the entity which the update is for, but then displays in text the remaining part of the breadcrumb

        • lets take approach similar to this where we list the strategic plan name - followed by entity title , use is one click away from the full breadcrumb trail if they are logged into the application when clicking the hyperlinks

  • Left justify?

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  • Mar 22 2019
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