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KPI Timing Option

User Request:

  • Have the option to choose beginning of the week/month/year or end of the week/month/year for when you add your data point. Right now it seems to default as the beginning saying an update is needed.


  • It would be desirable to choose the start or end of the month when creating a KPI and choosing monthly frequency. Right now the system defaults to the beginning of the month. This is problematic if I am reporting end of the month data.


  • As a user, I need to be able to configure a KPI that has monthly frequency to require a data entry point at either the start or the end of the month.


  • No start date can be assigned to a KPI, if I create a KPI today on 4/4, it automatically assumes that I want the KPI active and requires an update because I chose monthly frequency and it is past 4/1.

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  • Apr 5 2019
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