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Upcoming and Past Due Reminders


  • Allow the system to remind a user that they have an upcoming action that is due in X days or X hours or when an action is past due or upcoming.


  • As a Assigned User, I would like to be reminded based upon a configurable frequency when elements that I am assigned to are upcoming or past due. This should be a new notification type.

    • Email Notifications should batch reminders daily and redirect to the /widget-list/my-reminders page as a separate "reminders digest" email.

    • In app notification should display a batch reminders notification on screen that stays on screen until the user snoozes it. It should then re-display upon a snooze expiration.

  • As a Assigned User, When viewing the /widget-list/my-reminders page - Search Filters should be visible and a metric that shows the update status (how many days until due, or overdue) of this item.


  • Push notifications considered out of scope

    • future possible development could mimic emails with a daily push notification which includes a batch of daily reminders

  • Notifying collaborators is out of scope

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  • Oct 17 2018
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