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Parent/Child Strategic Plan Relationships


  • This has been requested twice now through beta and sales feedback to allow for a Parent strategic plan that could have child plans that roll up into it. This could be a Corporation that has child or subsidiaries.

  • Use Cases:

    • A backbone support organization that drives goals of child organizations under their umbrella

    • Company that has multiple locations and each location has its own strategic plan

    • Corporation with subsidiaries


  • As a System Administrator, I need to be able to associate two strategic plans in a Parent/Child relationship.


  • Security Concerns

    • For example can parent organizations see all the detail of child plans

  • How will metrics roll up from a child into parent?

    • Weighted child plans?

    • CSFs or KPIs relate to child plans which drive metrics in parent plans

  • Multi-phase

    • First provide the ability to create the parent/child relationship

    • Second provide the ability to control whether or not the parent has visibility into the child plans

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  • Nov 9 2018
  • Future consideration
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