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Attachment links in Slack integration


  • When a user creates a new progress note and attaches one or more files, there is no indication in the slack channel integration that attachments exist. Please add active links to the related note attachments in the slack message so a user can click on those and go directly to the attachment.


  • As a User, I need the ability to read a Slack message, see an attachment, and click and open up Envision directly to the entity and trigger download of file


  • We have tested this using a direct link to an attachment in Incognito mode the software forces us to authenticates and delivers us to the entity, presently there is no direct URL linking to attachments. This will have to change.

  • We do already include a direct link in the email notifications/digest that allows user to download the file while taking the user directly to the dashboard

  • JIRA integration with slack does something cool with pictures, clicking the camera icon triggers a download of the image

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  • Feb 8 2019
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