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Global Custom Labels

Currently, the ability to set custom labels for each Strategic Plan is buried in the Setting menu for that specific Plan (Goal Map), only accessible by the left navigation menu. This function is only available to users who are members of that Strategic Plan and have the Manage Goal Settings permission assigned to their Role in that Plan. This means that an Admin user who is not a member of a Strategic Plan cannot customize that plans labels.

Suggest the following:

  1. Rename the existing "Change Titles" settings page to "Terminology" to make it more clear.

  2. Create a Global Terminology settings page under the application settings menu that is accessible to any Admin user regardless of Strategic Plan Membership. I like the way that Aha! screens manage custom terminology. A screenshot is attached for reference.

    • They include a sentence explaining what the terminology changes will do.

    • They have a label in front of each textbox that is set to the default terminology for that entity

    • They include a watermark in the textbox that is also set to the default terminology for that entity

    • When a user types in something custom, it replaces the watermark and the text is darker

    • When the user deletes the custom text the watermark of the default text is displayed again. (currently, if the custom labels are changed, the end user doesn't know what to change them back to if they decide to go back to the default.

  3. Modify the Strategic Plan specific terminology screen to work similar to the above, with the addition of a selector to (a) use global terminology or (b) use custom terminology that applies specifically to that Goal Map. Again, I like how Aha! does this. If the global terminology has been customized, and the user selects the option to use the global terminology, I like how it shows the user in a grid what the default was vs. what was customized. Again, a screenshot is attached for reference.


  • As a System Administrator, I need to be able to override Global Default Labels that are applied to elements of the Envision Interface. Customization to the Global Default Labels should be inherited to all plans.

  • As a Plan Administrator, I need to be able to override any inherited Labels that are applied to elements of the Envision Interface.

  • As a User, I should see labels for interface elements as they have been defined within my Strategic Plan.


  • A Global Label interface will be to be developed, inspired by Aha! as a model

  • Strategic Plan Label Interface will need to be redesigned in accordance with Aha as a model and global labels need to be inherited to the plan level where the Plan Administrator can optionally override their text.

  • Some changes to the Label business logic will need to be made in order to accommodate the system level inheritance.

  • This idea rolls up into customization & templating of strategic plans. Different standardized Strategic Plan Models (OKR, Balanced score card, etc) will likely have default overrides from the system level defaults that will be inherited.

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  • Oct 13 2018
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