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Global Notification Settings

Currently, the ability to set notification settings for each Strategic Plan is buried in the Setting menu for that specific Plan (Goal Map), only accessible by the left navigation menu. This function is only available to users who are members of that Strategic Plan and have the Manage Goal Settings permission assigned to their Role in that Plan. This means that an Admin user who is not a member of a Strategic Plan cannot customize that plans' notification settings.

Suggest the following:

  1. Create a Global notification settings page in the application settings area that is accessible to all Admin Users

    • This page has the same notification & digest summary settings that currently exist on the specific strategic plan's notification settings page

    • All notifications are disabled by default just like an individual strategic plan

  2. Modify the specific strategic plan's notifications settings page

    • Add selector with option to (a) "Use Global Notification Settings" or (b) Customize Notification Settings for this Strategic Plan

    • By default, Use Global is selected.

    • If the Customize option is selected, user can change settings specific for this strategic plan, or disable them for this strategic plan and that does not affect the global settings

The processes that send notifications and the digest will have to pull their instructions from the global if the specific isn't set for any given strategic plan.


  • As a System Administrator, I need an interface where I can configure Email & Digest notification setting defaults for all Strategic Plans within my instance.

  • As a Plan Administrator, I need to be able to choose whether my plan uses the Global Default settings for Email and Digest notifications. If I choose to override the Global Defaults, the defaults will be inherited initially and I can override them individually.


  • There are no settings for "Desktop" or "In app" notifications in the noted interfaces, therefore there should be no required changes to the logic that drives these particular notifications.

  • An Interface for Global Email and Digest notifications will need to be developed

  • The Strategic Plan level of Email and digest notification interface & business logic will need to be modified to accommodate the concept of inheritance.

  • Services that manage the queuing and delivery of Email and Digest notifications will need to be modified to accommodate the Global model and Inheritance.

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  • Oct 13 2018
  • Future consideration
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