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Pop-up Blocker alert

If possible, it might be interesting to add a feature that will detect when a browser has the pop-up blocker enabled and prompt the user to turn it off with a CSS "bubble" message pointing at the place on the browser where this is done. I'm thinking:

  • Users logs into MPOWR Envision
  • If the browser's pop-up blocker is enabled, a "thought bubble" message appears pointing to the pop-up blocker icon in the browser suggesting to the user that they allow pop-ups. 
  • The user can then turn off pop-ups which will make the message go away
  • The user can click an "X" to hide the message and ignore the advice. This would cause the message to not pop up again for a set period of time (24 hours?)

See attached for really crude mockup.

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  • Oct 13 2018
  • Will not implement
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